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Information for P30D (with hinged lid)
Technical data for profile zylinder P30D
Type P30D (with hinged lid)
Material / Surface nickel plated brass (Nickel finish)
Profile cylinder 30/10 mm DIN 18252 8x45° switchable*
Assembly size Ø30 mm
Assembly depth 45 mm
Metal gauge max. 3mm
Acknowledgement LED available only without LED
Operating voltage 24 VDC
Connector type 5 pole screw/push connectors
Touch switch I-0 0...1x45° touch switch
Switch I-0 0..360° key removable / 0..45° key not removable, optional adjustable
Microswitch type ABJ
Switching power 0,1 A / 30 VDC
0,1 A / 125 VAC
Low level circuit rating 5 mA / 6 VDC ... 2 mA / 12 VDC ... 1 mA / 24 VDC
Options Can be supplied with micro switch for higher voltage 230VAC.
This version cannot be equipped with LED.
For higher currents we offer the version ABJ0.
Special versions with actuating twin switches and versions for left/right operation are available.

Detailled technical data micro switch ... With hinged lid (1mm VA-Blech)

(4)measued from front face of board
We reserve the right to make changes to technical data without prior notice
Ordering informationen for PZA P30D (hinged lid)
P30D NI -- T0 /.. Ordering code
/F4 switch for 230 VAC applications (1)
/ABJ0 switch for 80 VDC and/or heavy duty operation (IP67))(2)
/2 2nd switching level(3)
T0 touch switch 0-I (0..45° key not removable)
S0 switch 0-I (0..360° key removable / 0..45° key not removable, optional adjustable)
TT touch switch I-0-II (45°..0..45° key not removable
SS switch I-0-II (45°..0..45° key not removable)
Acknowledgement LED:
-- without LED
NI nickel plated brass (Nickel finish)
P30D PZA Ø30 / 35 mm with protection lid
(1) available only without LED (2) 80 VDC available only without LED
Gallery P30D (with hinged lid)


General view


Front view


Rear view


Detailed rear view


Connection board

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Technical information P30D

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