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Profile half-cylinder 30/10 DIN 18252 8x45°

Profile half-cylinders from all manufacturers can be used with PZ adapters, as long as they meet the DIN standard 18252 (closing nose 8x45° adjustable). No mechanical re-working is required. The dimensions can be obtained from the following download.

Cylinder Ø22 mm swiss

We can also deliver individual profile half-cylinders for the Swiss 22mm profile, particularly for Otis. This applies to the 22mm dia. half- cylinder and switching cylinder. The Swiss cylinders are not standardised to DIN as with the Euro and Hahn profiles. The cylinders of the various Swiss manufacturers are however usually interchangeable because the design details are agreed within the VSSB (Verband Schweizer Schloss- und Beschlägefabrikanten) (Swiss lock and fittings asociation).

Information an be downloaded from the representatives SEA Berchtold AG and KABA AG.