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Profile half cylinder


  • profile cylinder according to DIN 18252 (closing nose 8x45 ° adjustable) all makes can be built in straight from the box. Information cylinder dimensions ... 
  • For locks with extended DIN locking cylinders, distance plates are available. Further information cylinder dimensions...
  • For the Swiss market, some PZ adapters can be supplied with the Swiss 22 mm diameter cylinder. Information...
  • Standard cylinders are used exclusively for all G&P Profile cylinder adapters
  • Mounting does not require e.g. M4 mounting holes
  • No special closing noses are necessary

What Cylinder Length do I need?  

The total cylinder length is made up of the dimensions to the right and left of the M5 mounting holes. For a half cylinder, these are 30 and 10 mm, the designation is therefore 30/10. This gives a total length of 40 mm. For a 5 mm extended cylinder the ordering dimension is therefore 35/10, the total length is 45 mm. The tolerance on the length of ±1 mm is compensated for by a slotted hole.

Foe a profile half cylinder with a total length of 40 mm, the ordering information is as follows:

PHZ 30/10 DIN 18252 8x45° adjustable